BCCF is structured to ensure the help it sends is received and achieves its goals. To do this, BCCF will:

  • Work directly with the target population and infrastructure (school administrators, orphanage directors, resources, etc.) ·
  • Send funds directly to the source of services such as sending enrollment tuitions directly to school registrars thereby eliminating the “middle person” who could misdirect funds and goods.
  • Find volunteers who have passion for the target population and actively recruit volunteers with relevant expertise
  • Start working on a small scale to validate the approach with the goal of expanding the program over time.
  • Our inaugural 2011 goal is to send 4 children to school and keep them enrolled for the duration of their schooling.


  • 2011 –Tuition for 4 orphans
  • 2012 –Risk scholarship program
    –Increased tuition recipients
    –Housed 4 orphans
  • Today
    –20 tuition recipients
    –5 housed orphans

Where Does the Money Go?